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BumperNets is America's First Table Tennis Store. The retail store is located in the Riverchase Galleria Mall in Birmingham, Alabama. The store and retail concepts originated in the mind of National Sr. Olympian Gold Medalist Homer Brown in August of 1999.

“Whether it’s people who want to buy a beautiful billiard table, table tennis setup, or other game, or folks who want to spend time with family or friends playing pool, ping-pong, pinball, or an arcade game, BumperNets has everything.” ― BCA Insider - 2019 Spring Edition

We Are The Best Game Center Since 1999

The idea and dream were started when Brown resigned as COO of Vulcan Oil Co. in late 1998. Brown had worked for BP Oil for twenty-three years in marketing and retail training before running a large oil company himself.

Brown wanted to make a living doing what he loved: promoting and playing table tennis. His dream included sharing a great sport with others while giving back to the sport. Therefore, he took his retail experience in the oil industry to create an interactive retail store that allows customers to rent game tables or receive lessons from professionals along with purchasing any equipment needed for a wide variety of games.

Brown came up with the name "BumperNets" from "bumper" for pool, and "nets" for table tennis.

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Every Game Gives You a Chance to Win!

Whether you are working on fostering that competitive spirit with others on table games or competing with your high scores in the arcade, you always walk away the winner with BumperNets.

Meet Our Team

At BumperNets, we take pride in the experience of our team. Whether you are looking to learn how to play table tennis, shoot pool like a pro, or need advice on the best games to put in your home, we can help you achieve maximum enjoyment.

Homer Brown

Homer Brown

CEO, Founder

For 49 years in a row, Brown has played in the US Open National Table Tennis Championships. He holds several national titles and won the Kentucky and Tennessee State “Singles and Doubles Championship.”

Adam Brown

Vice President

Adam has won multiple US Open Table Tennis titles. He is also a 5 time Alabama Mens State Singles Table Tennis Champion including multiple junior, doubles, and team titles.

Duke Stogner

Operations Manager

Stogner is a 5-time senior Olympic gold medalist, and a 4 time Arkansas Men’s Singles and Doubles Table Tennis Champion.

Keith Evans

Table Tennis Coach

Originally from Jamaica, Evans is a two-time National Champion and former Olympic coach to the Jamaican team. Coach Evans moved to Birmingham to take up a full-time coaching position with us at BumperNets. For the past fifteen years before moving here, Evans coached the Texas Wesleyan University’s collegiate team, a leader in college table tennis. Dominating the sport, Texas Wesleyan won the national championship for twelve out of thirteen years, during Evans tenure.

Terry Edwards

Pool Pro

Terry is one of the highest-ranked pool players from Alabama. Terry holds quite a few titles such as the 2018 Alabama 10-ball State Champion and the 2018 9-ball Classic Shootout Champion. He has held the top 5, top 10, and also the top 17 in major event championships. Terry has been a Sponsored pool player since 2014 and continues to hold several Sponsors. Terry’s true passion for the game has allowed him to not only enjoy the game through playing it but to find joy in helping others by giving pool lessons to those who would like to advance in the sport of Billiards.

Barnabas Gonzalez

Table Tennis Coach

Barnabas Gonzales has been working for Bumpernets for several years and is an avid and progressing table tennis player.

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