Winter Table Tennis League:

Our Summer table Tennis League will kick off Monday, June 15th @ 7:15pm with an organizational meeting to go over details.
Our league is open to all who are interested, but we only have 16 spots available.
We will have a free practice for all from 6:30pm to 7:15pm prior to meeting.


Magic City Pinball League:

Currently our pinball league is on hold until further notice. Please check back next month for updates.


BumperNets Sunday Pinball Blast:

Finally returning on June 21st!

Tournament Date: June 21, 2020 starting at 1pm

BumperNets Sunday Stern Pinball Blast Tournament New Format:
- Group Match Play Format with IFPA Scoring – 4 player (7/5/3/1) or 3 player (7/4/1)
- Random Initial Seeding with Balanced pairing starting round 2
- Player Order Balanced per round
- Qualifying has 3 hour time limit (rounds started before 3 hour time limit will finish)
- Each group is on 2 Pin Banks, with both pins being played AT THE SAME TIME
- Each 2 pin banks are adjoining pins
- 4 Player Group: Left Pin play order is Player 1>2>3>4 and Right Pin play order is Player 4>1>2>3
- 3 Player Group: Left Pin play order is Player 1>2>3 and Right Pin Play order is Player 3>1>2
- Estimate qualifying roughly 5-7 rounds with 10-14 games per person with this 3 hour format
- Most/All BumperNets pins in the Main area will be in banks (4 player pins only; no back hallway, across the mall)
- All extra balls plunged
- Finals top four qualify (Tie breaker most 1st/2nd places, if needed 1 ball on random pin)
- Finals played on random 2 pin bank (1 Game Tie Breaker on random pin)
- If we start right at 1pm the tournament should finish around 5 pm
- used for tournament scoring

Entry Cost: $10 ($9 to prize pool, $1 to IFPA) per player (plus coin drop)

Prizes: Payout 1st - 40%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd – 20%, 4th – 10%, trophy for 1st Place & Stern Collection choices (if available)

- Maximum play time inside 3 hour window
- High IFPA Point potential (TGP in the 90s-100 versus 72 at last Pinball Blast)
- More player interaction with group play
- More continuous play, should minimize wait time between rounds
- Possible initial increase in DQs due to playing out of order (initial lack of familiarity to format) 


 Table Tennis Club Play:

Club Play is currently paused until mall hours return to normal.


Friday Night Tournaments:

- We have an 18 and Under Tournament every Friday night for our young players.
All levels of experience are welcome! Cost is $6 and runs from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

- Our Recreational Open tournament is on hold until mall hours return to normal.